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What the professionals are saying..................

“In an industry where pimps and thieves run free, its refreshing to see someone with such friendly virtuosic dazzle”  -Jenny, Craft Services

“Jason consistently exhibits the finest choices in stylish and quality footwear.  Period.”  -Ted, Art P.A.


“I almost never see him late to set.  Well, once he was late.  And also, once he didn’t come back after lunch.  I'm probably not the best person to ask really, I've only worked with him once.”  - Camilla, Producer


“After a rigorous pre-light day and I had completed lighting the set, Jason came up to me, and whispered very softly in my ear, and I’ll never forget about him for that.”  - Klaus, Cinematographer

“Jason brings a lifetime of depth to every endeavor I have had the privilege of collaborating with him on.  He moves about with grace, and leaves a clean and invigorating aftertaste.  Wait…..who?”   - Marseille, Director

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